We’ve made it easier than ever to decide if Enroll & Pays Loyalty as a Service Platform is right for you; read through our top Consumer FAQs!

How to enroll?

It’s super easy! After your card is swiped/dipped/tapped you will be prompted to enter a mobile phone number. You will likely receive an instant reward/discount from the merchant upon enrollment. Your card becomes your “loyalty card” for that merchant and all future transactions are seamlessly rewarded.

Can you enroll additional cards?

Yes, you can add as many cards as you like to your account! Just enter the same mobile number at time of enrollment and the new card will be added to your account.

How are rewards accrued/redeemed?

Rewards are seamlessly accrued just by using your enrolled card(s). Once you reach the reward goal designated by the merchant, your reward will automatically be redeemed (applied) when you pay with your enrolled card. *For example, suppose the merchant’s program is to spend $100 and get $10 off. After you spend $100 cumulatively with that merchant, on your next transaction you will receive $10 off the bill simply by paying with your enrolled card.

What are the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy with Enroll & Pay

Will I be sent daily deals and offers?

You will not be spammed with texts every day because we realize that’s super annoying. The only texts you will receive will be e-receipts, notice of rewards available, and special offers tailored personally to you.

Are there any costs for enrolling cards?

No, enrolling your card(s) is completely free.

What if my card expires or gets lost/stolen?

If your card expires and is replaced with the same card number, it will continue to accrue rewards. However, if your card is stolen and/or lost, and your new card has a different card number, you will need to enroll using the same mobile number. This will link your new card with your existing account.

Will I need to enter any information to accrue/redeem rewards?

Nope. Just pay with your enrolled card and our loyalty platform automatically accrues and/or issues rewards upon spending with the merchant.

How do I check my rewards balance?

All e-receipts have your balance displayed.

Are there any card data risks by enrolling?

No, your card information is encrypted using a one-way hashing algorithm and is never saved. We use a similar technology to all major banks.

Will my information be sent to 3rd party marketing companies?

No. We will never share your information with 3rd Party Marketing Companies.

Does registering my cards with Enroll & Pay void my current rewards (Miles, Points, Cash, etc.) ?

Absolutely not!  With Enroll & Pay, you can earn rewards at our merchants IN ADDITION to other Miles/Points Reward Programs linked to your credit card.

Do I have to tell a merchant that I am an Enroll & Pay member in order to receive cash back?

Nope, our system recognizes your card immediately after you swipe your card on the terminal.

What information is necessary for enrolling?

Just a mobile phone.

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