Benefits That Come With Our Loyalty Program

Our partners and merchants can’t get enough of our Enroll & Pay white-label loyalty platform. With the swipe/dip/tap of a payment card, customers can quickly join a merchant’s loyalty program and receive an instant discount for enrolling.  Going forward, the customer simply uses the enrolled payment card to earn and redeem all rewards available to them. This convenience is what has led to higher conversion rates for merchants using Enroll & Pay. With the option to choose from an array of reward program options, merchants can cater to their business and customers’ needs as sales rise.

Partners of Enroll & Pay can sell the promise of higher loyalty interaction due to personalized and data-driven loyalty campaigns. Merchants can be as hands-on as they like with the option to manage campaigns manually or with Enroll & Pay’s automated AI engine.

With all of the benefits Enroll & Pay partners can offer with our loyalty platform, it only makes sense that they want to go all in, and now they can with our white label loyalty platform. With the option to choose from an array of reward program options, merchants can fully cater to their customer’s preferences while watching sales rise.

Become a Partner and White Label Our Product

Add Value and Sell Deeper with a White Label Loyalty Platform

If you haven’t partnered with a company that allows you to white label products, let us be the first! As a reseller, white labeling allows you to take our platform and brand it as your own, allowing you to use our technology while building your brand name and customer base. White labeling empowers you to build your reputation as a loyalty provider while remaining backed by our company and expertise.

With our partner program and white labeling abilities, you gain access to a top-of-the-line loyalty platform designed to support and grow your merchant’s business, making it easier than ever to help your customers incentivize purchases while acquiring new and valuable customer data.

white label loyalty program

What to Expect When You White Label Our Product

When you partner with Enroll & Pay and white label our Loyalty as a Service® (LaaS) platform, you can access more than just a white-label loyalty platform. Enjoy our accessible demo program with the ability to walk through the program online or in-person with prospective merchants. Enjoy pre and post-sales assistance when closing new sales leads, and take advantage of our 24/7/365 customer support that ensures you get the help you need when you need it! You’ll never look back after experiencing the recurring revenue you acquire with attractive margins, low selling friction, and add-on solutions.

Ready to Become a Partner and White Label Loyalty as a Service®?