Loyalty as a Service®

Enroll and Pay is a card-linked loyalty platform that enables merchants to easily capture and effectively market to customers based on their purchase history and spending performance. Easily convert customer data activity into relevant, targeted marketing across multiple touchpoints and interactions to create an ongoing, personalized relationship with your customer that drives sales growth. Discover more about our growing platform and loyalty features! 


The Enroll & Pay platform presents an enrollment opportunity on every initial credit card swipe. Combined with the instant reward, Enroll & Pay’s customer conversion rates are up to 20 times that of ordinary methods.

Get 10% with Enrollment


  • Instant and Accrued Rewards
  • Multiple Card Linking
  • Stand Alone or Semi-Integrated
  • Member v. Non-Member Analytics
  • Customized Rewards Programs:
    •  Points
    • Cash Rewards
    • Punchcard
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Reach Your Customers

Our automated CRM Tools categorize customers based on spending performance and behaviors. Based on the actionable data, targeted and relevant offers are sent to customers, then measured for increased spend and redemption rates.


  • Data-Driven CRM Campaigns
  • Personalized E-Receipts
  • Customer Ratings
  • AI Version or Manual
  • Card-Linked Deals


Measure & Grow Business

Our Reporting tools provide you with all the sales and loyalty analytics you need to grow your business. Be up to date with your daily sales, enrollments, and top loyalty customers. Then utilize that data to customize marketing messages.

reporting dashboard

Review Sales Data:

  • Data in Real-Time and Aggregate
  • SKU Tracking
  • Top Selling Items
  • Employee Performance
  • Spend & Frequency Analytics
  • Incremental Reporting

Understand Your Customers:

  • Baseline vs. Improved Customer Performance
  • Offer/Deal Marketing Statistics
  • Customer Segmentation

Connect With Your Customers:

  • Verified Reviews
  • Poor Rating Notification
  • Re-engage missing customers

Loyalty Insights:

  • Enrollment conversion
  • Member VS Non-Member Spend
  • Redemption Analytics

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