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Loyalty as a Service® for Restaurants

We provide an advanced loyalty platform that goes above and beyond the average restaurant loyalty program. Our Loyalty as a Service® (LaaS) solution provides merchants with a convenient and easy-to-use card-linked enrollment process, advanced CRM, and data analytics, all at one affordable monthly price.

Enroll & Pay partners can offer their clients a card-linked platform that accommodates consumers with frictionless rewards with a simple swipe of a payment card. By implementing this loyalty platform, restaurants can experience a higher rate of return on customers and guest frequency, keeping their tables filled and business hopping.

Why Enroll & Pay is One of the Best Restaurant Loyalty Platforms

Consumer statistics show that, on average, it takes two and a half visits to create a loyal customer, which means it’s vital that restaurants offer a loyalty solution at the right time to generate more sales and ROI. With our patented “instant rewards for enrolling” solution, our conversion rates are 20x that of traditional loyalty solutions. Additionally, our team works with processing partners and merchants to determine the best solution for each customer so that our platform is ready to go out of the box.

When it comes to integration, there’s a size for every operation. Our solutions include:

  • Stand Alone: For merchants that want to be EMV compliant and offer pay-at-the-table solutions but don’t have their terminal integrated into their point of sale (POS) system.
  • Stand-Alone Plus: Allows merchants to add their menu in our merchant portal, enabling order & pay at the table options and customer engagement.
  • Semi-Integrate: For merchants who want to accept tableside EMV payments and closeout checks on their POS simultaneously. Our integrated API captures all line item details in real-time and links them to the customer profile for loyalty rewards and engagement.

Our restaurant loyalty platform offers an advanced CRM with easy-to-understand analytics and insights. With our CRM, you can easily engage your loyalty contacts, view customer’s data and analytics to determine what promotions will have the most success, and generate higher sales. Our platform also allows merchants to choose between creating their own promotions and campaigns or utilizing our AI-generated campaigns.

Why Enroll & Pay is One of the Best Restaurant Loyalty Platforms

Benefits of a Customer Loyalty Program for Restaurants

One of the Best Restaurant Loyalty Platforms

With our credit card-linked solution, guests can seamlessly accrue rewards with each swipe of their payment card —no need to carry a loyalty card or sign in on every visit. With our technology, restaurants can target customers with personalized offers thanks to historical data, so customers receive promotions and offers that are relevant to them.

Our platform’s advanced CRM allows payment providers to offer the best restaurant loyalty program available, offering their restaurant merchants benefits that include:

  • Personalized Promotions – historical data, complementary purchasing, and more can be tracked to offer customized offers that are sent directly to consumers
  • Reports at a Glance – view returning customers’ points and reward history at a glance and provide a more personalized experience for each customer, turning walk-ins into repeat and reliable business.
  • Advanced Analytics – Understand customer preferences and get insight into your target audience to create optimized campaigns
  • Customizable Programs – Merchants can choose what kind of loyalty program they want to offer with options like: a point system, cash back, or punch cards.

Features from Our Restaurant Loyalty Management Software

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Customizable Loyalty Programs

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Data-Driven CRM

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