Trying to decide if Enroll & Pays Loyalty as a Service® Platform is right for you? We’ve made it easier than ever to help decide; read through our top Merchant FAQs!

What is Loyalty as a Service® (LaaS)?

Our cloud-based software method of delivery allows data to be accessed in real time from any payment device with an internet connection for managing customer loyalty, analytics and engagement.  In this web-based model, Enroll & Pay hosts and maintains the servers, databases, and the code that makes up our application.

How do I set up Enroll & Pay?

Go to the App Marketplace (depending on hardware and processor) and download the Enroll & Pay application to your payment terminal.

Why use Enroll & Pay?

Easy loyalty platform for customers to use, in depth sales analytics, automated CRM tools, targeted offer campaigns, customer review tools… must we go on?

What type of rewards can I offer to customers?

Merchants can offer the following types of rewards/offers to their customers:

  • Instant rewards (reward applied to the transaction upon enrollment)
  • Accrued rewards (i.e. 10% accrual for every dollar spent up to $100.00)
  • Reward Redemption (i.e. once you’ve spent $100.00, $10 off your next check)
  • Special offers: ( i.e. Get $5.00 off by spending this week, or when purchasing a specific item)
  • PunchCard (Buy 10, Get 1 free)

How will rewards be redeemed?

When customers have an eligible reward, it is automatically applied when they pay with their enrolled card(s). 

Will using Enroll & Pay slow down my line?

No, Enroll & Pay is the most efficient loyalty platform within the industry because it doesn’t require any action from customers after the initial enrollment. Your customers simply swipe/dip/tap their credit or debit card like a normal transaction. 

How will I know Enroll & Pay is converting my customer to loyalty members?

In your merchant dashboard you will see all sales and loyalty analytics in real time which include enrollments, all transaction amounts and much more.

Is Enroll & Pay complicated to use for employees?

Not at all! Enroll & Pay is very easy to use during time of payment. They simply ask customers to enroll with their mobile number and proceed to checkout.

Why are Card Linked Rewards better than traditional marketing?

Unlike traditional marketing, there are no upfront costs. You no longer have to pay for advertising impressions or print mailers and coupons. Simply send out your offers through our CRM database. Card-linked rewards significantly increase customers’ participation levels with in-store visits, size of purchases, and customer retention; all performing better than traditional marketing.

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