Why Enroll & Pay is One of the Best Retail Loyalty Platforms

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Running a successful business always comes with its own set of challenges. As a retailer, you already have enough to manage in your day-to-day operations; the last thing you need is difficulty adding enrolling customers into your loyalty program’s listing. But, what if we told you we could offer you a different kind of retail loyalty program?

Enroll & Pay’s card-linked loyalty platform is simple, quick, and sure to increase customer enrollment rates. With a simple swipe of their credit card, your customers can easily enroll themselves to receive your latest offers and rewards.

Since over 70% of consumers are more likely to recommend a brand if it has a good loyalty program, it’s imperative that you invest in a quality loyalty solution for your business. As a result, you can experience a higher return on customers and guest frequency with effortless rewards, keeping the storefront full and inventory turnover high.

Loyalty as a Service® for Retailers

Our advanced loyalty platform offers loyalty as a service. By allowing merchants to purchase this program as a subscription, it becomes the ultimate cost-effective solution. Loyalty as a Service® (LaaS) goes above and beyond the typical retail loyalty programs: payment providers can offer retail merchants an easy card-linked enrollment process, advanced CRM, and analytics, all at an affordable price.

Our solution is Easy to Set up—compatible with an array of POS systems—and provides advanced business and consumer insights. In addition, our payment partners diligently work with us to ensure that every retailer gets the right solution for their business and is ready out of the box.

We have an integration for every size of operation. That includes:

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Stand Alone

Stand Alone

Outlets for merchants that want to be EMV compliant and offer pay-at-table solutions but do not have their terminals integrated into their point of sale (POS).

Stand-Alone Plus

Stand-Alone Plus

An integration solution that allows merchants to add their menu in our merchant portal, enabling order & pay at the table solutions and customer engagement.



It’s also integrated into various POS machines for merchants who want to accept tableside EMV payments and closeout checks on their POS simultaneously.

Benefits of a Customer Loyalty Program Software for Retailers

With our program, your customer’s credit card operates as their rewards card. Guests seamlessly accrue points every time they swipe their credit card—there’s no need to carry a loyalty card or sign in each visit.

Our platform turns Point of Sale into a CRM, providing retailers with analytics and insights. You can then use this data to understand better your regulars and their spending habits with loyalty program reporting. It also helps you generate higher sales with Data-Driven CRM Campaigns; choosing between AI-generated campaigns or creating your own, you can send relevant advertisements and promotions to your customers.

Another benefit of loyalty program software is that you can reward customers directly through the point of sale. Diners can log in to check loyalty progress anytime. When customers return, our program will show you their order history to know what kind of purchases they typically make.

Plus, a retail loyalty program is a great way to treat your customers more like regulars. It’s easy to view returning customers’ points and reward history and provide them a more personalized experience for each guest. With the right platform, you can turn walk-ins into repeat business, guaranteeing you a source of income.

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