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Get Loyalty as a Service® POS Integrations That Fit Your Business

Looking for a loyalty platform that fits your business? Enroll & Pay has made it easy to turn your smart terminal into the point of sale (POS) system you’ve been waiting for with our integrated loyalty systems. In order to meet your business needs, Enroll & Pay Loyalty as a Service® software offers three different solutions to fit your POS loyalty needs.

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Our Advanced POS Integrations

pos stand alone

Stand Alone

Our stand-alone application is perfect for merchants that want to be EMV compliant and offer pay at the table solutions but do not have their terminals integrated into their Point of Sale (POS). Merchants can get the most sophisticated loyalty program with just a smart terminal. Employees can simply key in the subtotal, insert the chip, and let our program do the rest.
Stand Alone Plus

Stand Alone Plus

Enroll & Pays plus Integration solution allows merchants to add their menu in our merchant portal, enabling order and pay at the table solutions and customer engagement while in a stand-alone environment.


Enroll & Pay is also integrated into various POS machines for merchants who want to accept tableside EMV payments and closeout checks on their POS simultaneously. Our Integrated API captures all line item details in real-time and links them to the customer profile for loyalty rewards and engagement. Provide the merchant dashboard with all the transaction data you could hope for.

Now Consumers Can Enjoy Online to Offline Loyalty

Now with tokenized tracking retailers can provide online and offline loyalty. Thanks to our patent consumers can make a purchase online and have their payment card tracked seamlessly for future in-store purchases and rewards.

Until now, only coupons or mobile apps provided consumers with instant discounts at brick-and-mortar stores.  This process was long overdue to be improved, so we made it happen.

Now when customers opt-in for instant card-linked offers our advanced loyalty technology saves their card information on an ENP cloud, allowing them to cumulate loyalty points and use their card both online and offline. Perfect for retailers who offer an omnichannel experience.

*Available only with select integrations.

Who Benefits from O2O Integrations:

  • Online Publishers
  • Card Issuers
  • Processors
  • Payment & Hardware Companies
  • Value-Added Resellers

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