Fuel Rewards Made Easy

Fuel Rewards Made Easy

Rising gas prices and a push towards electric vehicles have made providing a fuel rewards program a necessity now more than ever before. Offer your customer’s a reason to keep coming back with customized discounts and the added convenience of using their credit card.

Enroll & Pay’s card-linked rewards platform is simple, quick, and sure to increase customer return rates to the pump as well as the C Store. Provide your customers with the latest offers and rewards, all with a simple swipe, dip or tap of their credit card.

Why Enroll & Pay is One of the Best Gas Station Rewards Platforms

Enroll & Pay’s Loyalty as a Service® (LaaS) Platform is the new standard of loyalty.

  • Customers enroll one time at the pump or in the C Store simply by inputting their phone number and immediately transforming their credit card into their loyalty ID.
  • In return customers receive a merchant funded reward which can be redeemed immediately.
  • Merchants can now increase loyalty at the pump as well as drive sales in the convenience store by utilizing Enroll & Pay’s patented card linked loyalty technology.
Best Gas Station Rewards Platforms
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Benefits of a Customer Loyalty Program Software for Petrol

With our platform, your customer’s credit card operates as their rewards card. Guests seamlessly accrue points or cash every time they swipe their credit card—there’s no need to carry a loyalty card or sign in each visit.

Our platform turns Point of Sale (POS) solutions into a CRM, providing retailers with analytics and insights. You can then use this data to better understand your regular customers and their spending habits with loyalty program reporting.

Additionally, our partners and merchants can’t get enough of our Enroll & Pay white-labeling opportunities. Our white-label platform has helped value-added resellers round out their POS offerings and help their merchants generate higher conversion rates. Make Enroll & Pay’s platform your own, and take your business to the next level!

Features from Our Petrol Rewards Management Software

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A Variety of Integrations


Reporting and Analytics

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Customizable Loyalty Programs

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Data-Driven CRM

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Online to Offline Transactions