Online to Offline Integration for our Patented Loyalty Software

Enroll & Pay is uniquely positioned to facilitate the redemption connection between online and offline merchants. Our patented technology and corresponding integrations capture the token used with online purchases and link that token to brick-and-mortar MIDS offline.

When an online consumer responds to an offer with a local merchant, they need only to pay with the payment card they linked online to get an instant redemption at checkout. Therefore, the perceived value of an instant discount v.s. points or cashback after the transaction is indisputably more significant for the consumer.

Until now, only coupons or mobile apps get a consumer an instant discount at an offline store. This process was long overdue to be improved, so we made it happen. With Enroll & Pay’s card-linking technology, the offer redemption and payment happens with just a tap, dip, or swipe. This checkout experience is seamless and faster than ever before.  Win-Win.

Find out how you can benefit from Enroll & Pays O2O solutions!

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